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Tips for using a weigh tape

If used correctly, weigh tapes can a be useful way of tracking changes in bodyweight.

  • Make sure your horse is stood as squarely as possible on a firm, level surface.
  • Place the weigh tape over the horse’s back at the base of the withers, making sure that the black arrow is pointing towards the ground. Next, bring the tape underneath the girth area just behind the foreleg and elbow.
  • Check your weigh tape is correctly positioned. It is likely it will be on a slight angled line (/). If it is on a vertical line the tape has been positioned too far back and will give an inaccurate reading.
  • Always use the same weigh tape to help improve accuracy when comparing measurements over time.
  • Try to monitor your horse’s weight weekly, ideally at the same time of day as changes in gut fill can affect the result – this why most of us prefer to stand on the scales first thing in the morning!
  • Remember weigh tapes are not accurate for pregnant mare and foals/ youngstock (especially those under 6 months of age).



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