Choosing a feed for an already excitable horse can be a daunting prospect but rest assured, the idea that some balancers may cause excitability is a another myth that can easily be dispelled.

What to feed an excitable horse?

Diet & Excitability

Diet may contribute to excitability in one of two ways; either by oversupplying energy (calories) or providing higher levels of starch and sometimes sugar. However due to the low feeding rate, all balancers (except stud balancers) contribute a negligible level of energy, starch and sugar to the diet which means no balancer, regardless of the manufacturer, will have a ‘heating’ effect.

Horse feed balancer

The Truth about ‘Cool Balancers’

Despite some very convincing claims, many of the so-called ‘cool balancers’ offer little or no additional benefits for excitable horses in comparison to other balancers. In fact, some even contain lower levels of other key nutrients such as vitamin E which means they may be less effective in fulfilling their primary role of balancing the diet. Rather than looking specifically for a product that says ‘cool’ on the bag, start by looking for a balancer that is formulated to suit your horse’s base diet and workload. Although the most suitable option may not say ‘cool’ on the bag, it won’t cause excitability.

For more advice on choosing the most suitable balancer for your excitable horse contact the SPILLERS Care-Line.

What to feed an excitable horse


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